“A library implies an act of faith.”
– Victor Hugo

Here you will find a link to each post. They are organized by month and year. Under each link is a quick description of that post.

December 2021

Intimacy in the Desert
A look at how to see your struggle through seasons in the desert

Nervous To Hope
A look at the struggle of wanting to hope in God after getting burned

November 2021

No Prescription Available
A look at how to live when there seems to be “no prescription” for our struggles

The Path of the Vulnerable
A look at value of vulnerability and living a vulnerable life

Changing Desires
A look at what Christian desires are and how we should form them

October 2021

Put Down The Books, And No One Gets Hurt
A look at surrendering our learned theology

When Your Theology Breaks
A look at dealing with God when his works breaks our learned theology

Light In Our Dystopia
A look at the “Christian Dystopia” we have made and how to break that

September 2021

Disenchanted To Enchanted
A look at developing an enchanted faith

Momento Amemini
A look at remembering you are loved

I Didn’t Choose This…
A look at what to do with the struggles we did not choose

A Famous Name’s Study Bible
A review of the Grace and Truth Study Bible

Anam Cara
A look at the need for our “soul friend”

August 2021

Escaping This Lonely World
A look at the struggle of loneliness

Out Of Legalism Into Life
A look at my story of why I got baptized

July 2021

Love’s Becoming
A look at the power of love transforming a life

Faith In The Fog
A look at finding faith in the fog of depression

Blood Over The Closet Door
A look at the struggle of Same-Sex Attraction

Ashamed To Shine
A look at how to overcome shame in our lives

June 2021

After The Ruins
A look at what God is doing in my life since leaving Fundamentalism

The Christian Drinking Game
A look at the “drinking game” Christians play with religion

Red Hat Anger And Red Heart Love
A look at the struggle of same-sex attraction in the church

Rediscovered Value
A look at finding your value when you see yourself as worthless

Elsa, Grover, and You
A look at the importance of accepting yourself

February 2021

The God Behind You
A look at what is means for God to be behind you

Treasuring Our Samwise
A look at treasuring the friends who are there with us each step

Celebrating Stirrings
A look at worshipping in spirit and truth

Rest At The Table
A look at the imagery of the table in Scripture

The Pen Silenced
Reason for stepping away from blogging for a while

January 2021

Resting In Lothlórien
A look at how to rest in the promises of God

Restoring Your Reflection
A look at hope for those who feel different in God’s Church

Rest in Struggling
A look at the importance of resting when we are struggling

A Call From Gondor
A look at a biblical view of masculinity from the pages of The Lord of the Rings

Yet, We Stand
A look at standing in the rains of shame and living for God as you

Is There Hope?
A look at struggling to find hope in the darkest struggle

A Haunting in the Church
A look at the haunting of fear inside the church

December 2020

I Wish
A look at seeing how God is giving you the desires of your heart

The Journey Uncontrolled
A look at facing God’s journey when an unexpected twist happens

Religious Chain-Breaking
A look at breaking away from religion to embrace Christ’s love

The Place of Not Yet
A look at the theme for 2021 in living when God places us in the Not Yet

November 2020

Escaping Skid Row
A look at the topic of depression

Accepting Your Story
A look at seeing your story from God’s perspective

Far From Over
A look at when we feel like our story is over

Tabloid Church
A look at gossip and perceptions in the church

October 2020

A Constitutional Idol
A look at the idolatry Christians may have towards American politics

Super Mario Faith
A look at sanctification comparing it to video games

Holding the Gun
A look at the topic of suicide from both perspectives

Shot Through The Heart
A look at why people are leaving the church

September 2020

When the Wind Changes
A look at when God moves your life in a different direction

Beautifully Broken
A look at the beauty in being broken in God’s redeeming grace

“Simple Faith Bible” Review
A review of the Simple Faith Bible with notes by Jimmy Carter

Forgetting Rambo Embracing Brotherhood
A look at a biblical view of men and male friendships

Which Jesus
A look at two ways following Jesus is portrayed in the church

The Christian and Conspiracies
A look at a biblical view of conspiracy theories

August 2020

Returning to the Porch
A look at influences

Living On A Prayer
A look at living the Christian life prayer by prayer

Killing Sin Killing Grace
A look at the danger of focusing only on killing sin

Beat Again
A look at allowing your heart to beat again with love and trust

Two Ways to God
A look at how God is presented and its effects

July 2020

The Offensive Gospel?
A look at the phrase, “The Gospel is offensive”

The Greatest of These Being?
A look at what Christians should be known for

Commercialized Conversion
A look at the practice of evangelizing

Overdosing on the Bible
A look at the idea of only needing the Bible for counseling

In Whose Image?
A look at whose image we are modeling ourselves after

June 2020

Playing the Card
A look at the phrase, “We ought to obey God, rather than men”

May 2020

Broken Body
A look at a biblical view of broken bodies

April 2020

But I Feel Like a Fraud
A look at hope when feeling like a Christian fraud

A Series of Unfortunate Events
A look at unforgiveness and revenge

March 2020

Sound of Surviving
A look at Christian endurance

Thriving in Isolation
A look at some thoughts to thrive in the 2020 Quarantine

February 2020

Breathing in the Big Picture: (Reviewing The Jesus Bible – ESV)
A review of The Jesus Bible

Burn It
A look at dealing with the past

Loved and Accepted
A look at the truths of being loved and accepted by God

I’m Not Good Enough
A look at comparing our Christian walk with others

Band of Brothers
A look at the importance of Christian community

January 2020

Without Suspicion
A look at the pitfall of a suspicious mind for the Christian

Photoshopped Christianity
A look at creating the “perfect Christian life”

Are You Sure You’re Pro-Life?
A look at a biblical perspective on the Pro-Life Movement

Standing Against Shame
A look at finding forgiveness and standing without shame

December 2019

Dirty Feet and a Crown
A look at running away from our calling from Christ

Lessons from Ohana
A look at Lilo and Stitch and the church

A Year Dedicated to Speaking
A look at a theme for 2020 in the use of our voice

November 2019

A Controversial Movement Benefitting the Church
A look at a different Christian response to the LGBTQ+ Movement

The Life Application Study Bible (3rd Edition): Answering the So What Question
A review of The Life Application Study Bible (3rd Edition)

October 2019

The Christian, The Government, and Living
A look at the Christian and government

Getting into the Water: A Review of a Study Bible for New Believers
A review of the NIV Quest Study Bible

Saved unto a List of Saved unto a New Life
A look at what Christians are save unto

Communion: In Remembrance of What?
A look at communion and the Christian response to it

This Is My Father’s World
A look at the Christian’s relationship to creation

And the Award Goes to…
A look at the idea of Christian Character Awards

September 2019

The Shaming
A look at the use of shame in the church

The Lost Mentality of the Christian
A look at the importance and use of critical thinking for the Christian

Cross-Fit Bodies: A Biblical Perspective on Male Body Image
A look at a biblical perspective on male body image

August 2019

The Crisis of Faith
A look at how to handle a crisis of faith

If I Could Turn Back Time
A look at the mindset we should have when we think about the “good old days”

Qualifying His Called
A look at finding your qualifications in Christ

The Hammer of Witches: Lessons from Church History
A look at a lesson we can learn from The Hammer of Witches 

Stop Talking About Pornography
A look at how to handle the conversation about pornography

July 2019

Behind Pleasant Faces: Dissecting and Exhuming Ideology
A look at issues in the King James Only Movement (Church History)

Behind Pleasant Faces: Standing
A look at a response to the King James Only Movement

A Color Blind Church?
A look at a starting conversation on race in the church

A Place of Openness
A look at the life of one of the Salem Witch Trial Judges

We Don’t Talk About That…
A look at being willing to discuss the difficult topics

Our Forgotten Advocate
A look at the importance of remembering we have an Advocate

June 2019

But, He’s My Pastor…
A look at individual thinking and challenging a pastor

American Christian or Christian American
A look at Christians and their relationship with America

Behind Pleasant Faces: Lessons in Leaving a King James Only Church
A look at reasons why I left a King James Only Church

Behind Pleasant Faces: House Rules as Doctrine
A look at issues in the King James Only Movement (Doctrine)

May 2019

The post to start off Braced By Truth

More than a Pep Talk with Jesus…
A look at reasons we should study God’s Word

Disability as a Foreshadow
A look at disability as foreshadow of the restoration in heaven

Let Them Stand
A look at some of the marginalized groups in the church

Christ Conquering Chaos
A look at Christ bringing order out of chaos

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